Signs You Should Replace Your Windshield

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Signs You Should Replace Your Windshield

20 September 2021
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Your car's windshield is essential when it comes to visual navigation. Strong winds, flying insects, dust, and dirt will hamper your vision when driving without this vital piece. Therefore, you can't afford to risk driving your car without a windshield. Although windshields are pretty strong, they are also susceptible to damage. 

However, you can't simply ignore windshield damage and proceed to drive your car as if nothing happened. It is quite risky to drive around with a damaged windshield. As such, you should visit a reliable auto glass repair shop and have your windshield replaced. Here are a couple of signs that you should replace your windshield.

Your Windshield Is Pretty Old

Most car owners never think of windshield replacements unless their windshields have visible damage. However, you can replace your windshield if it has served you for quite some time. 

Don't wait for it to fail to invest in a new one. Plan for a replacement as soon as you start seeing aging signs. Besides, if your car has had the same windshield for more than a decade, you should not think twice about replacing it.

Chips and Cracks

If you drive on gravel roads or near construction sites, there's a likelihood your windshield will crack or develop chips. The flying rocks and gravel are strong enough to cause damage to your windshield. 

Some of these chips can be repaired by an expert, but others are too large to repair. In that case, you have to replace your windshield altogether. Your auto glass technician will decide if it's possible to rectify the damage through repairs or a replacement.

Decreased Visibility

Your windshield is meant to increase your visibility on the road. Unfortunately, it can also block your view and put you in serious trouble. In most cases, you'll have an obscured view if your windshield has scratches, a crack, discoloration. So, if you notice your windshield has something that's ruining your ability to make split-second decisions, have it replaced immediately.

There's Inspection Coming Up

The other reason you might want to have your windshield replaced is if you have an inspection coming up. No one wants to fail an inspection because their windshield has some visible damage on it. 

Therefore, you need to ensure your windshield is in mint condition as the inspection arrives. The only way you can ensure your windshield meets the inspection standards is to replace it. At least you won't have to worry about failing the inspection if you have a new windshield.